Dubai 92:

Dubai 92 is the longest running, Western music station in the UAE. The station offers Dubai’s Best Mix of music and the 92 Feelgood Weekend – with more music, more variety and more of your favourite Dubai 92 presenters.

Al khaleejiya

إذاعة الخليجية 1009 هي الإذاعة العربية الأولى المختصة في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة التي تبث الأغاني الخليجية و تعكس الطابع الإماراتي وعراقته . وتبث الأغاني الحصرية التي أصبحت علامة مميزة للإذاعة بالإضافة إلى باقة من قصائد كبار الشعراء في الإمارات والخليج .بدأ بث إذاعة الخليجية في الخامس عشرة من يناير سنة 2003 ومنذ انطلاقتها الأولى تركز على الطرب والفن الخليجي 100% بالإضافة إلى البرامج الترفيهية ومواجيز الأخبار المحلية . الاقتصادية, الرياضية, أسعار الأسهم و حالة الطقس.

My UAE Guide:

myUAEguide is an information portal promoting events and exhibitions in the UAE. We also have classifying listings for cars and properties. We are media partners with 50% of the major exhibitions in the UAE.

Currently, we have a high quality database of over 360,000 contacts, people that have opted into receive communication from myUAEguide. These contacts want to know what is happening in the UAE and we are helping them do that.

The Sports Journal:

سبورتس جورنال®، التي تأسست في عام 2016 تحت دانتاني، الرياضة®، هي واحدة من أكبر المنشورات الرقمية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا. تغطي مقابلات الرياضة الحصريين والصحافة الرياضية الأصلية وأحدث الأخبار الرياضية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية وسيتم قريبا إطلاقها باللغة السواحيلية والصينية لمنطقة أفريقيا والصين على التوالي. سبورتس جورنال®، هو نشرة الأخبار الرقمية الطموحة التي تحتفل، يوجه ويحصل وراء الكواليس لإظهار المشجعين كيف يتم تنظيم الرياضة، انها الجانب المالي والسياسة المحيطة به. تركز تسج على التركيز على قصص التحقيق الرياضي.


Bike Middle East:

Bike Middle East is a dedicated motorcycle magazine and online portal, covering all types of bikes from cruisers and customs, to race and off-road machines.


Bike Nation Magazine:

BIKE NATION MAGAZINE is the only print and online magazine with a focus on Motorcycles in the Middle East, reaching readers through printed issues, online portal and fully immersive application for smartphones and tablets. Bike Nation Magazine covers the latest in motorcycle news and reviews; interviews with prominent bikers and persons of interest; community news, activities and events; reporting on the best destinations for travel and touring; and offering guides for motorcycle fashion, riding gear and lifestyle.


Dubai Blog

Born as blog and later evolved into a site and then a real portal, DubaiBlog is the brand of our agency. Founded in 2007 with a different name, the first portal got the current name in 2009 and we are proud to go on using that one for our company; our organization is mainly involved in Consultancy, Video and Media Production, Social Media and Web Communication projects, PR, helping businessmen & companies in having a correct social & media approach internationally and to manage their key web-aspects.


Dubizzle is the leading classifieds platform for users in the United Arab Emirates. Since its launch in 2005, dubizzle has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community. A community where underused goods are redistributed to fill a new need, and become wanted again, where non-product assets such as space, skills and money are exchanged and traded in new ways that don’t always require centralized institutions or ‘middlemen’.



brings together a group of community minded motorcycling enthusiasts, supporting organisations and employers which are focused on improving motorcycle safety in the UAE.
We are working hard to achieve our goal of creating a motorcycle friendly environment through knowledge sharing, coaching, mentoring and ongoing awareness initiatives.
Each of our expert advisors draws on over 20 years of on and off-road motorcycling experience and are UK DSA approved motorcycle instructors.
Our suite of varied service offerings and the initiatives we lead share one common goal and thats simply about raising safety awareness and reducing injuries sustained by motorcyclists in the UAE.

Bikers House

Bikers’ House isn’t just another restaurant branded as a biker café like others that have come before, our best in class Chefs, Managers, Staff and Investors are real bikers themselves. A pack of International & Specialized hospitality staff who aren’t jack of all trades, but Real Italian food specialists with Rebel Attitudes.

A well-balanced mix of a biker themed decoration and Fine Italian Dining, all set in a strategic location around Downtown Dubai where you can mingle with the bikers community if you are a biker and get to see them up close and personal and know more about them if you are not.

You can enjoy your Breakfast and Lunch with friends and family either inside the Bikers’ House Bar-Style with split smoking and non smoking areas or on the large Terrace with 360 view across Burj Khalifa and the Business Bay where you can enjoy the Italian delicacies alongside your Shisha and at night get entertained with live music, bands, karaoke and the latest sports matches.

Start with the specialty Baristas & Juice Mixologists to be ready for the Fine Italian Delicacies served in Real Bikers Portions and end it up with Mouth-Watering Desserts before you get the State Of Art Shisha all served to you in a relaxed environment by Cool staff who will make sure you are getting your personalized 5 stars service and last but not least they will secure that you get your 10% Member Discount Card or 20% Biker Discount Card once you show your license.


Costa was founded in London by Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa in 1971 and now represents the second largest international coffee shop operator.

At present the company has more than 3,000 stores across 25 international markets.

Costa Coffee opened its first store outside of the UK in 1999, at Dubai’s Aviation Club. Today there are over 150 Costa outlets in the UAE.

Costa in the UAE is wholly owned by Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR), a world class food and beverage outlet provider, a subsidiary of the Emirates Group.


Dubai Motorbike Festival

Dubai Motorbike Festival