Dubai Police stunt team break the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Wheelie on an ATV along 60km of Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, 12th January 2018:

The Dubai Police and Dubai Motorbike Festival break the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Wheelie (Distance) on an ATV, powered by Energizer.


Captain Abdulla alhattawi, a member of the Dubai Police Force, Dubai Police Stunt Team and one of the top ATV stunt athletes in the world has set the new record at an impressive 60km. The route started in Ghantoot and continued down Sheikh Zayed Road to the doors of the Dubai Motorbike Festival hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre totaling an impressive 60km. An impressive convoy of Dubai Police and Dubai Police super cars guided Abdullah on his attempt shortly followed by over 300 bikers from motorcycle clubs around the region. The world record has received global recognition being aired on international sports channels including Discovery Channel and EDGEsport TV (Part of the transworld network).

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About Abdulla Alhattawi:

One of the top motorbike stunt athletes in the world, Abdulla consistently takes first place in tournaments across different continents. Hollandi has accumulated a highly engaged social media following 180,000 followers, sharing his travels, performances and accomplishments. When Hollandi is not performing he is a Senior Official in the Dubai Police responsible for training the Dubai Police Special Forces.


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Dubai Motorbike Festival

Dubai Motorbike Festival